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Human Resources Policy

As CK Enerji Boğaziçi Elektrik, we follow a policy that respects people and the environment, values employees and their customers, and uses their resources in the most effective manner with an open vision.We are constantly developing and improving to respond to the needs of our employees in the fastest way possible and to use human power effectively and efficiently.

Our company attaches utmost importance to business health and safety and creates a working environment that meets quality standards.

Our aim is to bring to our company the qualified, enthusiastic human power that can carry out efficient operations that are suitable for our institutional values and culture.

We aim to increase the performance of our employees through the trainings we have organized in various fields within the company and to be able to guide them in career planning by improving their knowledge and skills.

Recruitment Policy

Our aim in the recruitment policy is to choose people who comply with the values we believe in, the key competencies of the CK Energi Boğaziçi Elektrik  employees and our corporate culture.

We are also opening up new positions to our employees with our internal announcement process. Therefore, our employees are able to make their applications with the help of our internal recruitment system if there is a suitable position in the organization.

The candidates are first interviewed by Human Resources and then by the relevant department managers. The methods we use in the selection and placement process vary according to the candidate profile. Our aim is to observe the necessary technical and behavioral characteristics for the position using the right methods and to place the candidates in the most suitable for positions.

The candidates who are under the hiring process are asked for the names and contact information of the managers whom they have worked with and consulted in the professional business life as references.

During the recruitment process, all candidates who are with us are informed by email or phone about each position once we have finalized the process.

Education - Development

Our vision

To develop the professional knowledge-skills and personal and managerial competencies of the employees with the continuous development approach in line with the goals and strategies of the institution with time and space independent application methods that contribute to the business results.

Our Goals

  • To be an academy that educates competent professionals
  • To spread corporate culture
  • Increasing employer brand value
  • Provide segmentation-oriented development
  • To train managers within the company


Functional Development Schools

In line with the vision and strategies of the organization, the Functional Development Programs consist of trainings in which the knowledge, skills and practical application skills required by the task carried out by our employees are acquired or their existing knowledge, skills and abilities are improved.

Competence Development

The Competency Development Catalog published within the scope of Energy Capsules training programs consists of personal and professional trainings designed to develop the position-based competencies defined for the success of the organization and to support the employee to work happier and more efficiently.

The Competency Development Catalog is opened once a year to six white collar employees.

Talent Development

It is a time-based, holistic development program designed for high performance and high-potential, ready-to-develop and aspiring executive candidates who have successfully passed evaluation applications such as Performance Evaluation and Development Center, which are included in talent pools, which are expected to form the future leadership team of the company.

The program is supported by different development actions such as classroom training, online training and coaching and consists of 3 modules:


Executive Development

The aim of the Lider Leaders of Energy tasarlanmış development program, which is designed in line with the strategic business objectives and corporate culture and values, is to support managers' leadership and leadership skills in order to unleash the potential both in themselves and in their teams, and to develop leadership skills.

The yaygın Leaders of Energy ”development program, which is widespread and modular, covering all company leaders, feeds three main development areas:

  • Self Leadership
  • Leadership
  • Business Leadership


Energy Guides

63% of the trainings are carried out by using internal resources in order to share knowledge and experiences within the organization, to create common awareness by spreading the corporate culture, to transfer the products, services, applications and systems to the organization and to save resources.

Experienced employees in different positions and positions who want to take part in training and development programs as internal trainers go through the process of training specially designed trainers to improve their educational competencies.

Our internal trainers who successfully complete the program share their knowledge and experience, mainly technical and professional, with the employees in both classroom and distance learning training tools.


The developments in technology and the increase in the rate of spread of information have led to the spread of various digital development platforms and resources in the field of education and learning in today's world.

As CK Academy, we have added the “e-learning” option to our learning platforms in order to keep pace with the changing world, to make our employees' needs independent from time and space, to make their development continuous and to enable the dynamic corporate culture to spread more rapidly.

E-learning trainings are trainings in which all our employees can participate in electronic environment in line with the needs.

E-learning training titles can be included in the annual training plans and are prepared to meet the different needs that may arise during the year.

Internship Programms

We offer internship oppotunities for university students according to the needs of our departmants.


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