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Quick Subscription

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Who can apply for subscription?

For Residential

  • The owner of the property or his agent.
  • If the property is rented, the tenant

For Workplace

  • Owner (s) in the signature circular
  • Authorized or proxy (provided that there is a power of attorney for power subscription or authorization certificate)

Important Reminders

Connection Agreement must be made before the first subscription application for the newly constructed building / facility. You can reach the documents needed for connection application here you can reach.

How can I apply?

If you would like to apply via digital channel; You can easily apply through our Online Operation Center.

To track how your subscription is done through the Online Operation Center here  for quick subscription here

If you would like to apply to our Customer Service and Customer Processing Centers; You can apply to our nearest Customer Service and Customer Processing Centers.

What are the requirements for subscription?

For Residential Subscription :

Info :

  • Subscriber or meter number
  • ID/Passport No
  • DASK no. or policy

Other Documents :

Lease or title (if there is an existing subscription on someone else at the address)

Power of attorney or authorization for electricity subscription (if authorized or acting as proxy)

Families Of Martyrs And Veterans to benefit from :

  • Certificate for martyrs and veterans families
  • Certificate of residence
  • Social security salary letter

For Workplace Subscription

Info :

  • Subscriber or meter number
  • ID/Passport No
  • Tax plate (Tax no., Tax office, trade name),
  • Trade register number and the name of the trade registry office,
  • Signature circular (if specified in the signature circular)
  • Other Documents :

    • Power of attorney or authorization for electricity subscription (if authorized or acting as proxy)
    • Lease or title (if there is an existing subscription on someone else at the address)
    • DASK no. or policy (if there is a residence in the building)

    Industry to benefit from :

    • Submission of the industrial registry document together with the petition (capacity report is also required)

    Agricultural watering to benefit from :

    • A document from the provincial / district directorates of agriculture indicating that the irrigation is for agricultural purposes.
    • Permission to use ground water from DSİ.

    Short-term subscriptions :

    (The meter is installed according to the opinion of the distribution company in such a way that it can be extended for a maximum period of 1 (one) month and maximum 1 (one) month if necessary.)

    • Request petition,
    • Connection agreement,
    • Certificate of responsibility for the fulfillment of all responsibilities in electrical sense,

    Technical document showing the installed capacity of the devices to be used if the meter is not to be installed.

    Measured or measured without the installed power values; According to the actual consumption, tariffs will be applied over the commercial tariffs.


    For the facility or place of use with a connection agreement (energy authorization and agreement for energy connection);

    The contract is a contract between the retailer (CK Enerji Boğaziçi Elektrik) and the customer, in accordance with the provisions of the Electricity Market Tariffs Regulation, covering the conditions and provisions related to the commercial activities carried out for the procurement of electricity and / or capacity and services.

    To view the retail agreement

    Security Deposit

    Within the scope of Electricity Market Consumer Services Regulation,

    The supply company requires the security fee to be deducted from the liability of the supplier, in case of change of usage and / or in case of termination of the retail contract or termination of the contract, in case the consumer does not pay the electricity consumption cost.

    Security deposit is calculated on the basis of the unit price per kW by consumer groups, taking into account the power of the facility or the place of use.

Cancellation of Subscription

Who can apply for cancellation?

Subscription cancellation can be done with the subscriber's own application. If a proxy or authorized transaction is to be carried out on behalf of the subscriber, the original copy of the notarized power of attorney with a signed statement of authorization, provided that there is a statement indicating that it can perform electrical operations, may also be applied for the proxy or authorized person. 

If you want to cancel the old subscription in your own name in a place that is currently open for electricity on behalf of someone else, if you want to cancel the old subscription with the necessary information and documents, you only need to apply for a new subscription on your behalf, the old electricity subscription will be canceled automatically when the transactions are completed. 

The electricity subscription on behalf of a deceased person may be canceled by the respective heirs indicated by the succession announcement. The cancellation of the subscription on behalf of the deceased and the reimbursement of the guarantee amount for that subscription can be done by all the heirs or by the proxy representative.

Where can I cancel my subscription?

The easiest way to cancel your electricity subscription can be done online transactions on our web system. Click here to proceed. If you wish, you can apply with your account number from our Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM).

What are the required information and documents for the subscription cancellation application?

In order to cancel your subscription from Online Services, you must first sign up for Online Services. In order to make transactions from MÜHİM (Customer Services Center), it is sufficient to apply with your identity number and the account number of the related electricity subscription. If you are applying on behalf of the company, you must apply with the signature circular. 

If a proxy or authorized person is going to make a transaction on behalf of the subscriber, the application can be made with the original signed notarized power of attorney provided that the statement containing the authorization to terminate or terminate the subscription (or contract) has been signed.

Payment Transactions

For service points where you can make a safe and free bill payment

For the interest rates to be applied in installment payments to be made by credit card and payment methods accepted by contracted banks ©


If your electricity subscription is not in your name, click here.