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You can apply to the following transaction channels for your electricity subscription

- Quick Subscribe
- Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM)

The required documents according to the usage purpose and subscriber group of the facility to which you will apply for a subscription are given below.


Basic knowledge:
- Subscriber or counter number
- ID document (Turkish Identity Number)
- DASK number or policy

Required Documents:
- Lease or title deed (if someone else has an open subscription on the address)
- Power of attorney or authorization certificate for electricity subscription (if the transaction will be performed as authorized or proxy)
- Warrior / Invalid veteran or martyr's certificate and residence certificate (for veteran and martyr relatives)


Elevator, stair lighting, heater, booster etc. common use facilities and locations are within the scope of this sub-subscriber group. In addition to the residential subscriber group, the following documents are obtained for subscriptions made on behalf of building management.

- Copy of management decision book
- Potential tax number on behalf of management


In addition to the information requested from the residential subscriber group;

- The document showing that the General Directorate of Pension Fund has been attached to the martyr or combatant / disabled veterans' salary.

Consumers in this group may be required to submit a residence certificate since they are entitled to the subscription right only for one residence in which they reside permanently.


- Subscriber or counter number
- Identity document (Turkish Identity Number)
- Tax plate (Tax number, tax office, trade name)
- Trade registry number and name of trade registry officer
- Signature circular (company stamp if specified in the signature circular)

Documents Required by Your Subscription:

- Power of attorney or authorization certificate for electricity subscription (if the transaction will be performed as authorized or proxy)
- Lease or title deed (if someone else has an active subscription on the address)
- DASK number or policy (if there is a residence in the building)


Original or notarized copy of the industrial register document of the address of the contracted facility in addition to the commercial subscriber group


- Electricity bill or installation / meter number of the place where subscription is required
- Original Identity Card (identity card of the official in legal entities)
- Original of water usage permit or license
- A document obtained from the Provincial Directorates of Agriculture, indicating that irrigation is for agricultural purposes,
- Documents related to the establishment and management of the union in the subscriptions to be made on behalf of the unions and cooperatives.

In addition, the applicant is a registered legal entity registered in the Official Gazette dated 25.06.2014 and numbered 29041.


This subscriber group tariff group consists of two sub-subscriber groups. In accordance with the General Lighting Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 27.07.2013 and numbered 28720, the energy expenses paid within the scope of general lighting are within the scope of this sub-subscriber group.

Energy within this sub-subscriber group is supplied by the relevant distribution company and accrual and collection transactions are performed within the scope of General Lighting Regulation. Illumination of motorways and customized access controlled highways, border lighting for security purposes, illumination of places of worship open to the worship of the community and free of charge public and public parks, gardens, historical and historical lighting of public places dated 27/07/2013 and numbered 28720 Illumination of those who are not paid within the scope of the General Lighting Regulation published in the newspaper is included in this sub-subscriber group.

There is no special discount tariff for disabled citizens in the legislation.

If the deed or lease is on behalf of your close relative;

- You can make a subscription agreement on your behalf. You must have a notarized power of attorney on the subject before you can enter into a contract on behalf of someone else.
- For the retail sale agreement to be made to the residential or commercial establishment, the required information or documents must be declared separately.

Article 11 paragraph 3 of the Disaster Insurance Law  required the control of the insurance assets by the relevant institution inde elektrik in the electricity subscription transactions of the places subject to compulsory earthquake insurance.

You can personally apply through the online transactions menu or with your subscriber number to our Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM). Subscriptions on behalf of someone else can be canceled by a notarized power of attorney showing that the applicant is authorized to do so. (Marriage certificate, etc. can not be done with the documents.) Subscription on behalf of a deceased person, can be canceled by the heirs mentioned by the succession announcement.

The request for the return of the assurance fee registered in the name of Muris may be made by the heir / heirs or by the person representing the whole of the heirs by proxy.

You can apply for reimbursement at our nearest Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM).

You can apply to our Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM), Call Center or Online Transaction Center to update your subscription information.

You can solve your online subscription and other transactions related problems by filling in the contact form.


There are 5 different items in invoice calculation. Active Energy Cost, Distribution Cost, Energy Fund, TRT Share and BTV (Municipal Consumption Tax). Active Energy Price and Distribution Price are calculated by multiplying unit prices determined by EMRA and renewed in every quarter of the year. Energy Fund is reflected in the invoice amounting to 1% of the active energy price. TRT Share varies depending on the tariff and is not taken in the industry tariffs, whereas in other tariffs 2% of the Active Energy Price is taken.BTV varies depending on the tariff, 1% of the Active Energy Price in the industry tariffs and 5% in the other tariffs. .The amount of 5 items mentioned above is collected and VAT base is reached, invoice amount is calculated by adding 18% VAT on this amount. Costs other than energy costs;

Delivery Cost: 6446 numbered Electricity Market Law and the regulations according to TRT Share: 3093 Turkey No. Due to the Law on Radio-Television Revenues Energy Fund: 3291 Law No. Appendix 2 substance must, Electricity Consumption Tax (BTV): 2464 Municipal Income Law should, VAT: In accordance with the Value Added Tax Law No. 3065,

The tariff information of the customers is given from the Customer Group on the invoice. In addition, our customers can access the tariff information from our Call Center and our web address.

The tariffs to be reflected to the users of the retail license holders operating in the Electricity Market are determined by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) pursuant to the Electricity Market Law No. 6446; the application of these tariffs is a legal obligation for Licensee companies. The tariffs for the Electricity Market are renewed every quarter of the year and entered into force by being published in the Official Gazette.

Click here for updated tariff information.


Click to see the explanations of the headings in your invoice.

You can get it from our nearest Customer Service Center (MÜHİM).

Failure to issue your invoice may be one of the following reasons; - Low consumption - Technical faults during reading or failure to reach the meter - Incorrect subscription - Defective meter In this case, you can contact our Call Center or the nearest Customer Service Center (MÜHİM) to start an inspection.

Click here to see the list of customers who will receive additional consumption.

You can learn all your invoice debt information (not in execution proceedings) from our Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM) or our contracted institutions by specifying your subscriber number, you can request your copy invoice needs from our website and you can also get it from our Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM).

The amount of your electricity bill may vary depending on seasonal uses and the number of days between reading periods.

For example, although the usage degrees of appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, kettles or water heaters are the same, there is an increase or decrease in their consumption due to seasonal differences. In addition, an increase or decrease between the reading dates of your meter will result in differences in your term bill. If you believe that your invoice is incorrect after evaluating these factors, you can register by registering on our website, Call Center or Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM) by specifying your subscriber number and indices on the counter for faster processing if possible.

Electricity bills show the costs of the four main activities, from electricity generation to consumption. The amount of consumption (active / net energy) seen in the invoice is a price that is mainly related to the production in the power plant. In other words, the energy cost reflects the costs incurred during the generation of electricity in any power plant. mostly resulting from a public institution electric power plant which Turkey Electricity Transmission Company (TEİAŞ) transported to the city network.

The supply company assigned on behalf of TEİAŞ collects the transmission price we see on the invoices from the consumer in return for this service and this price is transferred to TEİAŞ. The distribution company carries the electricity that reaches the city network to the door of consumers by carrying it on distribution lines. The distribution price we see in the invoices is collected by the distribution company in return for the investments and operating expenses related to the distribution network.

The retail service charge collected on the electricity bills is taken as the cost of the service related to the retail activity. Meter reading is an element of the distribution tariff, but it is accrued separately because of the better monitoring of the costs related to this activity, the more accurate calculation of tariffs and the independent consumption of the service.

Shares are taken in the context of TRT Turkey Radio and Television Law No. 3093 Revenue Act. Article 4, paragraph c of the said law states, ""The share of two percent of the electricity sales price (Value Added Tax, other taxes, fund), excluding the costs related to electricity distribution, distribution and retail sale services, licensees selling electricity to the final consumer and excluding similar cuts by shares) is in the invoices and the demise of these costs in context, Turkey Radio and Television Corporation. BTV, 2464 No. Municipality Revenues are collected in accordance with the law. the law's Article 34 in the matter ""municipal boundaries and the electricity and gas consumption in the neighboring areas Is subject to Electricity and Gas Consumption Tax.

a) Production and procurement, transportation, loading, unloading, cooling, wire and wireless telegraph and telephone application works consumed 1% of the sales price of electricity consumed,
b) (a) 5% of the sales price of consumed electricity for purposes other than sub-clause . The costs in this scope are transferred to the related municipalities.

You can pay your debts from our Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM).

Along with the original payment receipt, it is sufficient to contact our service center where you pay.

Electrical opening operations are performed in 2 working days in open areas and 3 working days outside the zoning area. In the event that your electricity is not turned on during these periods; You can register by contacting our Call Center, Customer Service Centers (MÜHİM) or the complaint / appeal section on the contact form of our website.

You can cancel your automatic payment order recorded in the system by applying to our Customer Services Centers (MÜHİM) .


The institution responsible for all failures, outages and maintenance related to power lines is the electricity distribution company to which you are affiliated. You can contact the distribution company to which you are affiliated for technical matters. You can click here for European Side of Istanbul or call the Call Center (186) for information about outages.

You can notify the Customer Services Center (MÜHİM) to which you are affiliated about the malfunction of your electricity meter.

In the event that the consumer fails to pay the electric bill when due, a second notice is sent to the consumer. If the consumer fails to make the payment within 5 days following the said notice, the power is cut-off.

Although digital meters differ from each other according to their brands, the logic of the operating principles is the same.

On the screen of your digital meter; (you can manually transit by pressing the button)

T (180) = Total consumption
T1 (181) = Consumption between 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM
T2 (182) = Consumption between 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM
T3 (183) = Consumption between 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM 
T consumption is equal to the sum of consumption in other time periods. (T = T1 + T2 + T3) 

Normal tariff applies to daytime, while expensive tariff (50%) and cheap tariff (50%) apply to the evening and night respectively. It is important to note that the electrical devices consuming excess energy should not be used after 10:00 PM. If attention is not paid to this fact, smart meters may increase the amount to be paid in your electric bill.

If you have an electronic meter and want to switch to a multi-time tariff , you need to apply to our Customer Services Centers (MÜHİM) in writing.

Reactive energy tariff does not apply to residential subscribers, illumination subscribers, single phase subscribers and subscribers whose connection power is up to 9 (nine) kW or 9 kW. All subscribers other than those are obliged to pay the reactive energy price when they exceed the reactive energy rates.

Although it is compulsory to have a measuring system for reactive energy received from/given to the system, if a customer doesn't have the said system it is considered that the amount of the reactive energy received by the customer in the said period is 0.90 (ninety percent) fold of the active energy received in the same period. 

In the event that those whose installed power is less than 50 kVA consume inductive reactive energy exceeding thirty three percent (33%) of the active energy they consumed or consume capacitive reactive energy exceeding twenty percent (20%) of the active energy they consumed, they are obliged to pay the reactive energy consumption price. Those, whose installed power is equal to or more than 50 kVA are obliged to pay the reactive energy consumption price if they consume inductive reactive energy exceeding twenty percent (20%) of the active energy they consumed or give capacitive energy to the system exceeding fifteen percent (15%) of the active energy.

Maintenance, repair and modification of the Compensation system used to control the reactive consumption rates are under the responsibility of customers.

Cut-off and electrification price is paid only once at either cut-off or electrification phase and it is determined by EMRA pursuant to Electricity Market Customer Services Regulation. 

Current cut-off and electrification prices (VAT excluded) can be reached from address.


You can quickly, easily and securely make many transactions that you make at our  Customer Services Centers (MÜHİM) or Customer Processing Centers (MİM) through Online Transaction Center.

Transactions you can make through Online Operation Center are below:

Subscription agreement, 
Information update,
Cancellation of your subscription agreement, 
Bill query, 
Debt payment.

You can make your transactions via your mobile device by signing-in our Online Operation Center.

After providing the necessary information at the subscription steps, the agreement will be sent to you by courier companies. Your subscription will be completed when you sign the agreement.

You can make your payment to CK BOĞAZİÇİ ELEKTRİK PERAKENDE A.Ş.'s account with IBAN no. TR41 0001 5001 5800 7302 8726 39 at VAKIFBANK ANKARA KURUMSAL ŞUBE.

Payments made by credit card in Online Operation Center are processed into the system at the same time and your agreement is finalized. In payments made by wire transfer or EFT, your agreement is finalized on the date of payment with application number. Payments by wire transfer or EFT must be made within 3 (three) business days at the latest.

The agreement you conclude through Online Operation Center will be delivered by courier to your specified address within 15 days at the latest. Our courier company will call you before delivery to verify your address.

As the agreement bears your name, it can be received by you or by your notarized proxy by signature.

For incorrect transactions;

- You can fill in the Communication Form
-You can call our Call Center at 444 6 255
- You can apply to our Customer Services Centers (MÜHİM).

If you did not receive your agreement within 15 days, you can report your problem by filling in the communication form on the home page or by call,ng our Call Center at 444 6 255 . Our customer representative will call you back as soon as possible.

It is possible that you did not provide your application number or miswritten it when you make your payment. Your transaction will be completed within working hours when you provide necessary information by filling the communication form on the home page of Online Operation Center by calling our Call Center at.

In order to ensure privacy of your subscription information and prevent cancellation of your agreement by third persons other than the agreement holder, you need to enter the CONFIRMATION code we will send to your phone number registered in the system. Therefore, if your registered phone number is out of date, you need to contact the nearest Customer Services Center (MÜHİM) and provide your current phone number.

Receipts of the payments you make through Online Operation Center are instantly sent to your e-mail address registered in our system. In addition, the receipt of the security deposit will be sent together with your agreement via courier.


If your electricity subscription is not in your name, click here.